About Us

The Boulder Counseling Cooperative (BCC) was launched in 2008. Dr. Jan Hittelman, a licensed psychologist who has worked in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors for over twenty years, developed BCC in response to an unmet community need for affordable counseling services for middle and lower income individuals and families. BCC was created to address this unmet need by providing access to licensed psychotherapists by clients who earn too much to qualify for subsidized community services and too little to be able to pay for private psychotherapy.

The City of Boulder has a vast resource of psychotherapy services. In fact there are more psychotherapists per capita in Boulder than any other city in the United States. When Dr. Hittelman put out the call to the therapeutic community to help him realize this dream, their response was overwhelming. Our number of therapist partners continues to grow, as more therapists are made aware of this unique community service. 

The design of BCC recognizes that many nonprofits are eventually forced to close their doors due to financial constraints. BCC obtains its core budget funding from annual dues provided by its client members. By adhering to a strict philosophy of minimizing overhead, BCC is able to maintain fiscal self-sufficiency.